Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Clarissa Reads Even More Books

(1) Eclipse by Briane Pagel

What is it about? Claudius wanted to be the first man to reach the stars. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't... but one thing is certain: It was murder getting there.
The story opens with Claudius drifting alone in space, awaiting rescue and pondering the speck of light he can see in the distance. As events unfold, Claudius continues to drift and get more and more anxious while he thinks back along the paths that led him here, from his possibly-abusive childhood to the mutiny that caused the wreck of his mission.
In alternating chapters, Claudius' chilling story unfolds as the reader delves more deeply into his troubled mind, taking side trips to his high school, and to a mental hospital or institution where Claudius is everyone and everything. In the end, the reader is left to piece together, with Claudius, what world he actually knew.
"Eclipse" is a mind-bending Mobius strip of a science fiction story in the classic Ray Bradbury style, a book that will haunt you after you put it down.

What did I think? Wow, just wow. This short sci-fi/ horror is so different than I have ever read before. You never know what's real or what's not but you just don't care. The writing is terrific and you will think about the story long after you finish. It's one you could read over and over.

Buy it here for $0.99

(2) For Every Action There Are Conseuences by Gail M Baugniet

What is it about? "FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences" is not just a murder mystery waiting to be solved, but an emotional journey into the lives of all concerned.

26-year old Pepper Bibeau is an insurance investigator for a company in Wisconsin. She experiences flashbacks after a 12-month deployment in Vietnam with the Army Nurse Corps, and she is beginning to question her decision to have her son raised by relatives in Hawaii.

Pepper is in Chicago investigating an unusual medical claim and running a background check on a life insurance beneficiary who admits to stabbing his wife. These two cases collide when murder, suicide, and a child's drug overdose all aim Pepper in one direction. But the people who should be helping her may be indirectly involved and the more she learns, the more difficult it becomes for her to sort out who's hiding what. After someone slams her head against a brick wall, sending her to the hospital, a homicide detective suggests she drop the insurance investigation and leave town. But her friend is dead and a child remains in a coma. Until Pepper exposes those responsible, she is staying.

What did I think? It's different. I can't say I was entertained throughout but there were so many wonderful things I liked about the story. It takes place in the past and because I never lived in 1968, the descriptions of the past were fascinating. Also, I just loved the description of Chicago and the culture of Hawaii. While parts of the mystery confused me, the action sequences and the deaths were interesting parts in the book. 

Buy it here for $2.99


  1. Ooh Eclipse sounds like fun!! Thanks for the review - I'm actually very tempted! Take care

  2. I think I'd be more apt to buy the second book than the first. Thanks for posting reviews here :)

    Happy Weekend!

  3. I like the sound of both of them. I'm tempted by the first one because it's a mind-bender, and the writing is a bonus, plus a Sci-Fi short story would be a nice change for me. :)

  4. Great reviews!

    I really like the cover for the second one.

  5. nice blog I will be following :)

  6. Nice reviews Clarissa. Eclipse sounds good...

  7. ooo, both of these sound very cool. I've never read a SF horror story either, so you've got me super interested to check out this one. Thanks, C~ :o) <3

  8. I liked Eclipse too. NOw that I've read your review I'm going to go and chat Briane up about it.

  9. Hey, Clarissa, Michael Offutt, Expert Critic, told me you'd reviewed "Eclipse."

    I'm glad you liked it; I think the book is starting to find its audience -- I've always known that the ideal audience for "Eclipse" would be anyone who is supersmart and also really, really, really good-looking, so if you've read "Eclipse," you are obviously both of those things, and also extremely talented, as that's the third quality that all "Eclipse" readers naturally display.

    Did you hear that, everyone else? The best possible way to show the world how smart, handsome/beautiful, and talented you are is to be caught reading "Eclipse." That's how George Clooney got started*

    *NOTE: Not actually how George Clooney got started.

    Seriously, thanks for the review. I've bookmarked your blog and will stop back here often. I try to do Indie Book Reviews on one of my blogs, The Best Of Everything (, so people who write should check that out and let me know if they'd like their book reviewed. (I buy the books I review.)

    Again, thanks.

  10. Hmm... I'll have to pass on these ones I'm afraid.

  11. Eclipse sounds awesome! I love the opening paragraph, and i love a story that stays with me long after I finish!

  12. Hmmm. I thought I commented on here when I first saw this review, but now I can't find my comment on here -- I'd originally found this through Michael Offutt's comment on my blog, and was flattered to see you liked the book. Then I came back to see if anyone commented on my comment, and, well, we're back where I began.

    Thanks very much for the great review -- I've quoted you over on Thinking The Lions,

    so if I make millions off the book, you are entitled to a 90% cut.*

    *Note: You are not entitled to a 90% cut.

    In all seriousness, I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate any attention to the book. While I refuse to answer questions about the book itself or what "actually" "happens" ['cause I'm a jerk that way] I'm always happy to answer any other questions you may have.

    And I review books myself from time to time, so I'll be sure to throw one or more of yours on the lists.

  13. Aw. Crap. I just realized that you approve comments and maybe hadn't gotten around to approving mine yet. You probably think I'm a (bigger) jerk now. And the fact that I'm leaving a third comment proves it.

    Feel free to delete any of these.

  14. Eclipse sounds like something I'd read, can't say the same thing about the second though.

  15. Hi Clarissa,
    I've awarded you an award on my blog.


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